I was confused and exhausted by wandering around and there was noone to help. This was 2006...

I remember I started out with just $10 in 2007 and that was the most happiest moment of my life. And than, there was no going back …

2017, ten years to what I started and here I am today to share all that I have experienced and  what I have learned through trial and error. Let me show guide you with my personal step by step strategies of starting your Freelancing Career in my “Basic Freelancing 101 Guidebook

Not only will I guide you through my Ebook that includes details from scratch but will also practically share the insights of working with a third party platform via my E-course. 

This is what you will find and achieve 


Complete concept of freelancing

A complete grasp of the domain of what freelancing is about and how does it work with specific details to creating your own account and portfolio. 

The Secret Keys of Freelancing

You will find all my personal strategies of writing killer proposals, negotiation strategies and techniques of influencing the right type of clients for landing your job. 

Learn it virtually

Learn the whole process of using third party platform of People per hour through my E-course starting from registration, profile creation , finding the right Job and much more.

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'Basic Freelancing'

Receive a Guide Book of

'Basic Freelancing'

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