There is this hype about creating online courses but so many people have no idea about how to create an online course even when they are so good at their communication skills. While I was working over my own courses , I had to read and go through so many articles and topics to learn to create an online course.  But somehow I felt like those posts where not amalgamating the best possible resources altogether to let people know about the basic requirements of creating online courses.

The first challenge is acquiring the right equipment. These resources are a must have:

  • Computer equipment
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Software

how to create an online course in udemy

Computer Equipment

The core thing you need is a good desktop or laptop that gives you good result during all the process of creating the course. You need to have a higher ram for speeding up the process. And also a good processor with enough gega-hertz to run the applications you will work on.  A screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is recommended. Specifically if you are doing video tutorials that includes you in the video. So invest well in this regard.


There is always a confusion about which is the best camera to go for but be sure that whatever you buy must be a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). Almost all of the professional photographers and video makers uses this technology because of its spectacular results. Poow quality images and video will have high bounce backs by students who wont be interested to concentrate on such courses. No matter how good the content be. Images and Video capturing matters alot. I will guide you through how you need to get yourself prepared for video recording.  At the moment i have Canon EOS Rebel XS for images and it works perfectly.



Microphone is yet another important resource to have during the recording. As far as i have researched everywhere. The blue Yeti microphone and Blue Snow ball are the most popular microphone used. You can use a local microphone as long has it provides a clear voice and does not adds up with the background noise. But to be more professional these two are the best. They are expensive but its worth investing over it.

Most recommended software for recording and editing courses.

You can use the following software depending on how much you are good at using them.

  1. MS Powerpoint
  2. Ms Word
  3. Quick Time
  4. Windows Movie maker
  5. Video Maker FX (For introductory and promotional videos)
  6. Camtasia (best and highly Recommended)

The best advice i could give is to use camtasia and i would suggest to go for its tutorials before working in it. The more learn about it , the better you are able to edit your videos. You can do so much in this software. I will be .discussing the step by step procedure of editing in camtasia in my upcoming posts. The software is highly recommended for everyone to use.

Why dont you share your ideal equipment . Tell me what do you use for your courses ?