1. I am a graduate in Economics, 27 (well at the time when I made this blog), Married and blessed with a cute son.
  2. I was a lecturer in a public sector university for 4 years. (2010-2014)
  3. I started pro-blogging when I got married and had to leave my Professional Career.
  4. So to be in touch with my studies and my thoughts, I decided to write both as an Academician and a Professional blogger.
  5. So I run Two self-hosted sites.
  6. I am known to since 2007 when I first started writing silly and funny about my university as an Undergraduate. After that, I made several other free sites until I finally came with my own .com sites.
  7. I use to have my blog in .com first but after getting married to a tech geek who is also a blogger and run his own Academic Sites like MBA Tutorials, Markaeting Mix, Super Tutorial and Dzine Magazine, I came up with my own site with the name of Econtutorials and Flavors in Life.
  8. I also work as a CERT 5 level freelancer in People Per hour  .You can read the reviews from my client to know the way I professionally work. I have made an URDU TUTORIAL of PEOPLE PER HOUR as well as a complete online course of Freelancing in English where you can learn how to earn online no matter where you are. *Leave a comment below in case if you are interested to have the course at discount prices*.

About my Blogs

  1. Econtutorials has everything related to Fundamental Economics Teachings, It includes notes, lectures, slides, manuals, quizzes and soon to be added video tutorials that would solely related to Economics. The purpose of coming up with an Economics Site is because:
    • My experience as an Economic lecturer, I have an extensive knowledge and capability of teaching the said course.
    • I write authentic stuff about teaching Economics
    • I am equipped with designing and making an organized curriculum of Economics, research and Business Subjects.
  2. Flavors in Life My personal blog is an amalgamation of a lot of activities of my life –
    • The experiences of my personal life
    • My Freelancing career of 6 years
    • My blogging experience for the last 8 years
    • And my decision of being a work at home mother (not anymore)
  3. Flavors in life is my first love, It gives me:Husband in bajosa 2015
  4. How and why am I Doing this?  There is only one reason behind it,  I am Passionate about Blogging and I want to teach the way it has changed my life with a full time 6 figure income generation from my products.
  5. The content in the sites are unique, plagiarism free and have copyrights. Every blogpost includes my own personal experiences about anything that I have learned yet. 

 My story – How I learned to make money online? 

Note: I have created a complete tutorials for those who are interested to create a blog of their own. You can get a discount price from my link

It was one of my greatest flaws that I accepted what others said with regard to blogging and there was a gap of 2 years when I felt like it not worth blogging. Initially, I was excited and I wanted to let people know that I was doing something that nobody had ever done (back in Baluchistan, 2007 when nobody knew anything about blogging).

“Stick to what you do, if you are passionate about it and work over it as long as you believe that it will work”.

I was blogging anonymously with the name of my university and the students enjoyed reading all that I wrote. I was anxious to receive positive feedback and I was encouraged by a few good people who believed in creativity and were optimistic towards my work.

However, the majority were always against the progressive approach. I can’t blame them either because of the restricted skeptical knowledge they had about freelancing and blogging.

“How could you share your life over the internet? How can you write all that? So what’s the benefit of all that? Log kiya kahayengay (What will others say?),” *Sigh*.

Time flies, three years of free blogging WordPress and I finally became a lecturer just after my graduation and I wasn’t able to work on my anonymous blog as I couldn’t cross that level of professionalism in my academic field. I was not able to crack jokes, share pictures or talk about studies and teachers as they were my colleagues than and I became a part of an institute where I was meant to preserve its recognition. I somehow managed to make an academic free blog but that didn’t work much and my students were not really interested in contributing. Thus, things went up in smoke for another 3 years until… I got married in Dec 2013 *boom* 

Who encouraged me to get back to this Life? 

marjan arbab

What brought back my encouragement was when I met my husband who knew how blogging can not only make you write and learn but also earn a decent amount of income. Something that he was already doing through Adsense.

In first few months of our marriage, I tried to ignore this part of my life as I was trying to adjust in the institution of marriage but it was him who thought I should continue what I always wanted to do. Besides, I was going through a transitory phase of unemployment so I wanted to do something in my spare time.

I lived among people who were and still are of the perception of considering a confined woman as pious and open-minded liberal woman as “Buri Aurat” (Bad woman)

You will end up like a caged bird when you are married

I turned out to be the opposite. The free will for doing whatever I wanted at home with regard to my professional career led to the revival of my blogging and freelancing career again in 2014. 

How did it start?

It’s been years to my pro-freelance life and for a lazy and an inconsistent person like me, I am pretty satisfied with the results I had. I started with peopleperhour , waited for the approval of my profile which was denied twice because of my own non-serious minor mistakes and began writing proposals for low-profile jobs and got them approved quickly by using some particular proposal tactics (Which i now teach in the form of an online course) and received earnings straight to my account without even getting bothered about going out for western union or any other bank clearance related issues.

Simultaneously, I went back to my old Elance account and updated it. Within the span of one month, my level in People per hour increased to Five and I was able to charge high for every next project because of my credibility in the website and the positive feedback I was receiving.

I would like to suggest some factors to all those individuals out there who are so really tired of freelancing and are not able to succeed or to those who think freelancing doesn’t work. Let me tell you!

“Everything works if you “WORK HARD” over it!”

Fast forward from one blog to another I started making both academic and freelancing courses in Udemy. I have more than 2000 students enrolled at the moment in the following courses.

  1. Freelancing Basics : Ultimate guide to freelancing with Peopleperhour (English course)
  2. Freelancing Basics in the Urdu Language
  3. Basic Economics for the Undergraduates