Mental peace is indispensable,  particularly at your workplace. And that is only possible if you have that sense of belongingness towards your working environment.

Before Joining Barrett Hodgson, I was completely engulfed in the process of working over my blog business, e-book and  e-course of Freelancing. I was writing my personal strategies of 3 years as a consistent freelance writer, virtual assistant to academic professors in UK and how I ended up being an Online instructor. I have learned so much all these years which is why I decided to amalgamate all the techniques of establishing and organizing an online business. Somehow, these domains of freelancing, blogging and Online teaching is so vast that I still feel like a beginner even with all these years of consistent learning.

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Simultaneously I was busy appearing in different interviews of various organizations. Most of them were those fancy embellished corporate organizations that dealt with International businesses. From one organization to another , there was always that first impression I had about those places and then there came a day when I visited an academic institute, Barrett Hodgson. I felt like this is the place I need to work. A place where I sense that belongingness where I could have that independence of expressing my creativity, giving my full commitment and providing the best possible solutions that I could come up with.

I went through two subsequent interviews in two weeks and was offered a job on the third week. The university provides a good salary package depending on your level of expertise. I joined in Dec and officially became a BHU member. I believe they value their employees, considering them the most important asset of the institute.  i dont not wish to exaggerate but this place has everything that a faculty member deserves to have.  Even at this infant stage, the institute has kept itself at a high stature in terms quality  and resources.

This is what you will see when you enter Barrett Hodgson University- Salim Habib Campus, Karachi

What made me felt even more comfortable about Barrett Hodgson is its slight resemblance to BUITEMS (My home town institute). The infrastructure reminds me of the time when the VC of the BUITEMS , Ahmed Farooq Bazai was progressively working over the enormous projects of high class infrastructure for BUITEMS – Sports complex, hostels, etc). To be honest,  His commendable resilience towards the political, social and financial pressure while establishing the Takatu Campus of BUITEMS is praise worthy.  I remember the time when each year he inaugurated something new for the university and how proudly would he announce the achievements of the whole team. Nonetheless, the man is one the most impressive leaders I have known.

(PS: While I write this posts, BUITEMS is right now having its 12th convocation which can be seen live here )