I have learned a lot during all these years as a blogger and freelancer. And I thought I must share all those resources that I use on my website to tell you how I work. Also, I will be updating this page whenever I get to know something useful that I personally use for my Blog.

Disclaimer: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate link through which I will earn a commission if you make any kind of purchases. I assure you that I am currently using all of these products that have been very much beneficial for my website. I trust all these companies that are providing these products. In fact I have personally made my own purchases from these companies.


Essential Blogging Tools

 Why I love using everything that Elegant Theme has !

Nexus – by Premium Elegant themes

For years have I been interested in finding some out class themes that could persuade the users to read my blog posts and be attracted to the visuals particularly my travel photographs that I usually share. And probably has Elegant themes won my heart in this regard. Currently, I am using the premium elegant theme of NEXUS on my blog  and it has really worked well for me. Discussing about how I customized my Nexus theme wont just be possible in this single page. I will provide more details regarding the awesome cpanel of all the themes that elegant themes provide.

Divi Theme

Divi theme is which is Divi WordPress Themealso owned by the Elegant Themes is one of my darlings as i have been using it since day 1 for my econtutorials website. I dont have words to explain the extremely detailed customization setup it has. And in fact you proper need to go through the tutorials of Divi to enhance the look of your website. I would like to tell everyone that divi itself is a complete package of everything that you need to start a blog. From woocommerce to single page beautiful templates and minute details of every image, text and layout gives you the freedom to make something the way you want it. you can go to this link to check what divi really is and I am sure you wont be disappointed after seeing its demo.

Email Opt-In plugin BLOOM

Bloom Email Optin Plugin

You would rather be surprised to know that I am almost using everything that elegant themes has been providing. The elegant themes email opt-in plugin called Bloom is a user friendly plugin that has helped me brought a lot of subscribers. I have been experimenting with the plugin and somehow it works very well. The plugin lets you design your templates write your own content coupled with images or logo of your website. It has the option to associate itself with all email marketing services including mailchimp, aweber etc, What is even more interesting is the stats that it provides which lets you evaluate the consequences of the current opt-in form you make.