I have came across so many people who ask this one particular question “Is there any strategy for guaranteed income ? Are you sure ? I hope this doesn’t end up asking for our credit card numbers…” Well ! yes, you don’t have to feel awkward about asking such questions when you have no idea that there isn’t just one rather numerous options of earning online and that too with a guaranteed flow of income every month. In fact ! a guaranteed 6 figure income per month if you are able to follow some important steps. You do require a lot of patience and consistent amount of focus towards this business before you think about getting in this arena.

Let’s discuss about all what I have learnt in all these years of freelancing. For that you will require to have a deep understanding of the following

  • What is Guaranteed Income?
  • How to have a definite income from freelancing?
  • Best Guaranteed Freelancing Websites
  • How to send a proposal to an individual client or company

how to earn a guaranteed income from freelancing

What is Guaranteed income?

Guaranteed amount of income from freelancing is not that simple as of any other means of making money. Despite the statement it is not that it is not possible at all.

What is the difference between the salary- based job and freelancing? Well ! it’s not fixated to one point but many. As a matter of fact, the biggest difference is you can earn triple the amount of what you get in the time you give!! Yes!! You read right. How it is so? This is another question which is dealt in detail in the later part of the article. (Note: This doesn’t mean you will end up earning form the very first day. Its take time to built up a product, blog , skill, client etc to have a consistent figure). To begin with the basics you can check out this article to know where your need to go and find some $$$.

Guaranteed freelancing income depends largely upon:

  1. How long do you work which means what is the working capacity?
  2. How many hours do you fixate for freelancing?
  3. How far do you go to reach the goal?
  4. What is the clientele like?
  5. How large is the production?

You need to know the answers to all these questions before you proceed to your next step of freelancing.

How to have a definite income from Freelancing ?

How sure are you that you will receive any payments through freelancing ? That is a relative questions for everyone who has their own expertise in their domains. A web-developer would know how much it costs to come up with a website, a writer know how much time will it take to write an article.

Each individual must access it own capabilities before deciding the value of the product or service it provides.

Experiment 1:

Make a perfect, outstanding profile and portfolio. Then start bidding and attract clients from different countries. Those which have more value of money as compared to yours. Next is to build clientele. Let’s say you make a list of ten permanent clients. You give them work in the weekly or monthly basis. And get more work and the cycle continues. The amount you will get each month is definite, there is no loophole in it. Why? Because, these clients have paid you in advance for months. Even in the worst case scenario – one client leaves out of ten, you still have 9 clients with you. But believe in expansion not contraction.

Try this and you will learn how fun it is to freelance, if done properly, knowingly and consciously – after taking all the bold steps!

One of the most easiest and high earning Freelancing platform is People per hour. You can check out my free detailed process of understanding People per hour Platform

Experiment 2:

Take a calendar and make a chart of work flow. See how much work you had in previous months as compared to the current one. Also check the ways you have been delivering work. Bring changes if necessary to make these clients happy to send you more! Sounds like a dream come true, yeah?


Best Guaranteed Freelancing Websites:

After knowing the tricks and tips, experiments to carry out, the real deal starts. To find freelancing sites which pay and don’t cheat. As we know there are many of those sites too which claim to say a lot but does nothing when it comes to money or getting paid.

Here is a list of five freelancing websites which will give you a guaranteed payment and are totally authentic to rely on.

  1. People per hour
  2. Upwork
  3. Fiverr
  4. Guru
  5. Freelancer

All these websites are the finest when it comes to receiving guaranteed money. However, what must be kept in mind while working on any of the mentioned sites. You have to be extra careful with the policies, terms and conditions they have put in their guidelines. To stay safe in case of any concern by the client’s side, you have the option of involving support system. Money is however delivered through PayPal, Payoneer, Master Card or direct bank account.

How to send a proposal to an Individual or a Client

When you are about to propose to the new client, you must:

  1. Ensure the trust level. If you are working with a new client, then:
    1. Take a small of half percentage of total amount in the start of the project.Issue an invoice, and/or agreement letter on which both the parties have to sign.
    2. Making the best effort to take remaining amount right after completing half of the work. And then submit the work once the amount for the other half is paid.
  2. Working ethics like terms and conditions, privacy policy, deadlines, and all other factors must be taken care. In this section, you must let the client know about the code of work and much more.
  3. Also, be assertive about the working mechanism right in the start. Quite honestly, that is only possible when you have a vision of the month or year. When you will do the best, client will not (in my case so far) say a word and pay according to your policies.

Synopsis of the article

All in all the article conveyed the message that; firstly it is about vision which matters how clients take you. Secondly, the role of strategies play in pretty well. Knowing the meaning of guaranteed money relies more on the way you make money. As well as what measures do you use for a quicker and smooth payments from freelancing jobs.