Essential Audio Skills

When you are enrolled in a course and you end up listening to a distorted noise while the instructor talks about its subject. Would that be comfortable ? or Feasible ? And for how long would you be able to tolerate the noise and continue listening to him or her . Moreover, what about the way the instructor is conveying his message ? His level of communication and the ability to speak English in a proper way. Well !  Off course, English isn’t my native language either but that is no excuse to speak so badly ! isn’t it. So yes, audio skills are one of the most important factors .

Almost 80% of your course depends on your Audio skills. Because that’s the first thing everyone listens to when they start your course or promo video. Many courses are rejected because of this very basic reason. Therefore, your audio must be clear and loud enough with minimum disturbance around.

what do we need for online course creation

From my personal experience when i was having my first course, i took a bad decision of taking a high cost microphone which turned out to be a loss as i had to change that because it was too much noise sensitive and recorded everything tiny bit of noise. The second time i decided to buy a microphone was in fact a local one with a much lower cost and that worked very nicely. So apart from Blue Yeti and Snow Ball, you have to have a trial and error with many microphone until you find one suitable for you. Because every country has its own brands and other imported ones. I took Audionic which i am not sure is available someplace else or not.

Additionally,  try having a USB microphone that is recommended and can be used for along term. In case if you are not satisfied from any of the audio brand locally, you can buy from Amazon or eBay. The Blue yeti microphone costs $100 in amazon. It worth the investment when it comes to its functionality. Finally, to be more accurate about Microphone, try reading review and checking videos in YouTube for further demonstrations.

Recommended Screen Recording Software

Screen recording is another important component for having a successful course. Some people use the Screen Flow software and other try the Final cut Pro. One of the most famous and common one is QuickTime that works really well in this regard. Also, it is free to use. The only problem it has is that it doesn’t allows you to record the screen as well as you in the webcam.

The most highly recommended software that i personally use is Camtasia, especially if you have a PC. This software offers everything that you require for recording and editing. I love the editing part though! there are numerous tools and techniques in this software that enhances and provide more focused to your specific content in the recording. Particularly when you are using power-point slides or if you want the video to follow your cursor wherever it goes to make things more concentrated and clear, large enough to understand the whole process. Plus it has customization tool of either capturing the whole screen or a small portion. so that you don’t have to show all the pages or tabs you have in your lower panel of start menu or upper panel of your browser.  There is much more to say about this software whose tutorials would be discussed soon.

Designing Skills

For a good course, you need everything to be GOOD ! so all the requirements and skills i am discussing are the small additions that will lead to a great return and in fact great earnings. We all know that Images no, actually attractive high quality images are always appreciated be it in Udemy, skill-feed, or even platforms like Facebook, Myspace etc. No matter how good you do in Power-point slides, you still need some picky image to attract the students. Inter-activeness is a requirement during the whole time of your course creation. What are you showing them ? What are you providing them ? Why does it matter ? And if it does, it needs to look good enough to make them feel that your course really needs a good review. Because not every person or instructor is famous or known globally, there are so many good teachers thriving to be known and for that we need to have tools and means to display them as the best  ! So yes ! DESIGNING MATTERS.

So keep in account o your styles, format, structure, animation or designing both within the slides and in external videos or images. And the best part is that Udemy provides free course images in case if you are not good at it. But the rest of the designing and work must be done by you or you need to outsource it to make it look attractive.  The common website which has some good schemes and colors is design-seeds. You can have a great idea from this blog. I had it too because it enables you to design your image with really matched up color that looks so elegant .

in other cases, if you want to outsource it then platform like Upwork, Elance and People Per Hour can do the job. To find a more professional place you can go ahead with dribble which has all pro-graphic designing that can provide a very high quality work. If you find all these services expensive than try to be more friend with Photoshop and start taking some YouTube lectures and lessons including its own official tutorial so that you can make whatever you have in your mind.

Upcoming posts are very important to be read for the course creation. Keep reading because this is just the beginning….