Working as a freelancer has enabled me to go through several experiences along with different clients from around the world. And sometimes you get of have job proposals that are completely different from the services you provide. Working in People per hour has been a great experience for me. Almost all of my clients pays me well and are very much satisfied from the services I Provide (I write articles, blog posts, academic writing as well as WordPress website maintenance services to my clients).

Nevertheless, it’s fun to have a type of work which is totally out of the way and I got one through People per hour where an America Client wanted me to do shopping for him because he was familiar with the low cost yet high quality fabric of Pakistan. Besides, who wouldn’t want to go for a Shopping Dude!!!!

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The assigned task was about Shopping from particular shops that the client was already familiar with. I had to visit them, find the appropriate products, calculate the costs , send the pictures and ship the ones selected. This was a 4 to 5 times visit with a particular amount to be paid for the service I was providing.

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While shopping, it added to my knowledge that Pakistan do have premium quality fabrics that are comparatively sold at a higher price in other countries. This could turn out to be a long term business of sending stitched dresses to individual clients who wants customized dresses with top quality stitching in accordance to their sizes. Of course, that includes a bit more struggle when it comes to finding the right place and the right labor for stitching coupled with shipping costs, deadlines etc. But I think it’s worth it in terms of the revenue received. The overall service for all the process was $150. Yes! There are such generous people who value your time and pay accordingly.

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The point of mentioning this funny experience is that you get paid for whatever service you provide as a freelancer, even if it’s shopping. So don’t miss such opportunities and begin with making your profiles in these third party platforms where you can both work and enjoy while being paid for your services.

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