What will you learn in this post

  1. Why Do you want to blog ?
  2. Where do you have to start first ?
  3. Where do you have to buy a domain and hosting
  4. What if you want to have a free blog – Know the merits and demerits of free blogging
  5. Using Blue host for domain and hosting
  6. Login and start using WordPress

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  How to have a Self Hosted blog

Why Blogging ?

I know that this isn’t the first time you might be seeing a post about ” How to Blog” . And there might be uncountable posts related to Blogging. But I am posting about Blogging basics because there are still so many people who are interested to write their views and have that own webpage to express themselves. And I would love to share my knowledge in this regard. Because large amount of audience still has no idea about it. And the first question they ask is “What is a Blog ?”Oh ! So can we have such facilities too ?” Or “Do we need to be an expert in it ?” Fortunately, No, you dont have to be an expert in doing all that. Rather it is a very easy to go, step by step process and you just have to progress with the flow of the whole procedure.  I also come across questions like “So what can or do we do with our blogs ? ” Or “How does it benefit us ? ” Well !!! Believe me , it has a list of advantage for every individual who belongs to any profession at all.

1. Students are able to write their academic knowledge and share about their higher studies experience,

2. Researchers can discuss their analysis and provide extensive information about their proposals, thesis, dissertation or research papers.

3. Business personnel can expand their social following by having their own brand page to promote their business.

4. And not just some limited businesses but almost every kind of business that you want to promote. Be it selling, advertising, social following, public relations, global acknowledgement, international readers, clients and so much more.

5. You can have anything in your Blog : Documents, Videos, Quotes, links, embeds from any other platform like youtube, vimeo etc.

6. You don’t have to worry about limited characters and can write as much as you want in a single post.

7. You can have readers, viewers , clients from all over the world. Hundreds and very much possibly thousands of people would be reading your thought provoking posts and you never know , who likes what. Maybe they like what you write. Doesn’t it over-whelms you ? It does to me at least.

8. Other hidden benefits include your writing skills and practice, your cognitive or thinking ability and the way you can easily communicate yourself when you get habitual of writing. There use to be a time when it took me hours to write a single post of just 500 or 1000 words. Now I am much more comfortable in writing as long as I could. And it doesn’t even bothers me.

9. Eventually, blogging gives you very much focus and concentration towards your Niche. and enable you to have a grip over your topic that consequently leads to more information and more posts. And the more you know, the more you write.

10. And the best part is , you don’t just learn to read and write, but also earn from it. And by earning i don’t just mean a few $$$. You can make it a complete life time profession out of it. For evidence, I will be providing some links about very known and famous bloggers who earns millions and provides authentic information about how do they do that. Keep reading , there is much more to be said…


how to blog the easy way

How will you know that you need to Blog ?

Although whatever i have discussed above seems enough to understand why do we need to blog. But you also need to be sure when are you ready to start one. Because once you initiate, than you need to have that commitment of never going back. And to take such a decision, you need ot have a belief that Blogging is one of the requirements in your life. So :

  1. Are you passionate about showcasing or writing something ?
  2. Do you find yourself talking about something most of the time apart from the usual routine of your life
  3. what are you expert at ? Do you think you know a bit more than others do about that specific field ? You NICHE
  4. Do you always think about that specific area, field, concept or technique which you want to tell someone,talk about it, discuss or explore ?
  5. Most Importantly, when you have an idea, have you ever planned , organized and implemented them ?

If No, than find the answers and come back. But if its a yes, than read the rest of the article and just START !

What do you have to do first ?

The first step is always the hard step. But the sooner, the better. I took my first step in 2007, but I didn’t took the way I should have. I was only passionate about writing in a webpage and that’s it. I never cared about the WWW written above and never really thought about how important a URL can be to find you among a crowd. In fact a good name or good URL is as eye catching as a colored portion of a black and white picture. You are noticed by your name, you are recognized by it. So you must initiate with giving yourself or your Blog a NAME to which we call a DOMAIN in the tech world. And when you have a Name or a Domain for your blog page, you also need a space or hosting to host or place your domain there.( place it on the internet, the world wide web)

To make it short , you require a DOMAIN NAME and a HOSTING SPACE to start your Blog

You can buy them separately or both at the same place. For intermediates and expert, it very easy for them to buy them both separately and start working. For beginners, it is recommended to buy both of the resources from  single website so that its become more easier to monitor it. You also wouldn’t have any problem if you are renewing the domain and hosting for the coming years.

A snippet from www.top10webhosting.com

A snippet from www.top10webhosting.com

If you want to have a Free blog

No name, no control, no ads and no Profit

If you want a free blog than you have to compromise the benefit of having your own single domain. So Instead of having www.yourname.com, your blog name will end up something like yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogspot.com , where WordPress and Blogspot  are the third party platforms that gives you a free blog page.

There are many other free sources and platforms that will provide you the same facility. All will have their names attached to your names. Only a paid domain and hosting can give you a clear .com name.

Other demerits includes up-gradation and No control over your ads space. You can place any Advertisement of any service because you don’t have control over the name and space provided to you . Like i always say it doesn’t give you the “MY FEELING” . 

Additionally, If you don’t have any control over your website, you are not able to place any ads, than you are not going to have any revenue either ! No returns, no profits at all.


Where to buy Domain, Hosting and how much do they Cost ?

The following links  in image above show the most famous platforms where you can buy domain and hosting space. For beginners , dont begin with buying a very high membership especially when you are not sure about what you are doing. All you have to do is just visit their website , register yourself and buy their smaller hosting service package. You can see the service they provide and also has a money back guarantee option. Although the cost of purchasing the services is already shown in the image above yet generally the total costs are:

  1. Domain cost $10/year
  2. Hosting costs from $3-$10/month

 To make it more simple, I am going to write and show you a step by step procedure to buy domain and hosting from Blue Host. You can see that WordPress.Org has recommended blue host hosting service which you will know why if you read the rest of the post below.

Using Bluehost for your Domain and Hosting

One of the most easy to use hosting services that i have came across is Blue Host. You just Simple have to click over the GET START button and there you go :

Blue host main

And I also like the services they provide particularly the Plus plan (middle one). Don’t bother yourself by having a look at each and everything because there might be some tech language which would confuse you .

blue host 2

All of these plans allows you to have a new domain or you can transfer any of your domains if you have bought it from somewhere. This is what you will see after the selecting any of the plans.

blue host 3

Selecting a Domain

There can be a long discussion about selecting a good domain but one of them main factors that you need to consider are :

  1. Don’t use hyphens or numbers which are hard to remember. You wont be the only person writing visiting this webpage.
  2. The more simpler the name, the better it is to be ranked more quickly and easily reminded for the readers.
  3. A .com is more preferable than the rest.
  4. Rephrasing would be required many times because simple and clear words are hardly available.

After successfully selecting a domain, You will have to provide your complete information and provide your credit/debit card details . You dont have to worry about the payments because Bluehost does that in a total secure manner. So asian countries, if your local bank debit cards dont work. International banks like Standard Chartered etc works very well and provide the transacted amount in your bank statement.

bluehost billing


blue host billing

There is one last thing to understand before you are done with the whole process. Starters will have an ambiguity in this regard so i think i must mention it. Before the Billing and Information section You will see a package plan which would look somewhat like this :

bluehost package

You don’t have to select any of these options if you have no idea about it. Only select the above ACCOUNT PLAN, depending on your amount of $$$ that you can afford either yearly or more than that. Preferably if you select more than one year than you can have the plan at a lower cost. Also, not mandatory yet you can use the following service only if you want to. There wont be any problem if you don’t use them. So you can have :

  • Constant contact with blue host members
  • Protecting your domain
  • Keeping a Backup of your website (recommended if you want to)
  • Getting your Domain Indexed in the search engines like Google, yahoo etc
  • Security of  your Website

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So What Now when you are done ?

I don’t want you to be overloaded with more and more information on the very first post about the whole procedure. Just like i said, we need to take this step by step so to make it more easier for you . So to receive further details you can sign in to my newsletter where i share some really simple and precise information about maintaining and using WordPress.

So this is probably enough of the tech talk you have learned for now. In my upcoming post I will have a long discussion about logging into Blue host, using its C panel to install WordPress and than Start working over your own WordPress theme, site management and JUST BLOG as much as you want….