Many people think that  it might take an expert to create an Online course. But that doesn’t seems to be a good excuse to say “No”. Any person who has enough proper knowledge of that particular skill which he/she wants to teach coupled with a little knowledge of computer can do it. Do not think about the amount of time it would take because it can take either a few weeks or even months depending on the course you have decided to teach. But whatever it takes, most of it depends on your motivation and passion towards it. You should be the one willing to provide and serve with the skill that can be taught to others. It is your decision to let people know what you believe and what you can share with them. So everything begins with the word “YOU”.So before you could even think about making your first course. Ask yourself whether you are you passionate about it ?! if yes, than read the rest of the details below.

hoow to create a course in udemy

Start with brainstorming your course

So when you know that you have a skill that you think would help others. Something that provides an information, details and knowledge. And which the general mass needs to be aware of. Than start with brainstorming that particular skill/talent/information of yours. Take a pen, paper or open up your note pad and start writing whatever comes in your mind associated to that skill. For example : I am very good at teaching Foundation Economics. At the very first moment i wont start with the history, theory or the advance methodology. Instead I would write Demand and Supply, Production, Cost, perfect competition ! yes these are very important in the fundamental course. Oh yeah ! i need to mention Graphs, Mathematical questions ??? Solved Samples. Okay ! Think more, I need slides, presentations. Any video to show related to buying any selling, industries, economic news and links to share ? And what about using a pen tablet for solving mathematical questions and camtasia for recording and editing all this. Yeah that’s it !!!!

how to create a udemy course

So brainstorming is the creativity that you require to being with your course. It is probably one of the most important factors of giving you that motivation and feeling that you have what it takes to be an online instructors. Now what next ?  


After brainstorming , you have to tell to which direction are you leading your students too. In the above section when I was taking about teaching fundamentals of Economics or be it any other academic subject, I was more concerned about the part of Microeconomics. Which means i am directly myself towards that specific route. This leads me to the conclusion I am going to teach the Essentials of Microeconomics. There you go ! I got my direction. Now its getting even more easier for me to progress. I have my path. My course, my sub-domain. So now I don’t have to wander about which way to go . I know what i have to do  ! 

Outlining your Direction/Specific Path:

When you are done with knowing what skill you can teach and from what dimension will you use for your course. Than you must lead to outlining it step-by-step. An organized procedure is required to create a proper outline. For example:

  • First section: Course Structure  (What is your teaching methodology or teaching criteria ? ). Because udemy emphasis alot over telling the teachers to make your students understand that way you are going to teach the whole course.
    • Introduction: Welcome to the course
    • What is Econmics and why do you need to learn it ?
  • Second Section: The Basics
    • Most important concepts of Economics used in every day life
    • Demand (Slides)
    • Supply (slides)
    • Market Equilibrium (Use slides)
    • Solved mathematical exercises (Use Pen Tablet)
    • Quiz (you can use this feature either in udemy or camtasia )
  • Third Section : The Essentials
    • Utility maximization
    • Cardinal and ordinal approach (Use pen tablet)
    • Practical Question
    • Quiz
  • And so on……

Course outlining gives you the dimension that you need to go . It clear up the road to ultimate successful course making process. Offcourse the outline changes eventually when you start working into it but this first draft surely gives you the confidence that yo can do it. So you know what you have to do and how are you going to do it , like using slides, pen tablet and use camtasia for recording . To make it more easier you can check out my academic course page in udemy of how have i made the course outline. The next step is to “START” writing your content for the course. More on that in the coming posts.