Earning online phenomenon has gathered and accumulated much attention in the contemporary times due to its easy-to- earn and work nature. The sudden attention has led to the inclination of many a people to invest their time in the activity of working online and earning subsequent monetary rewards.

Every time you google the sentence “HOW TO EARN ONLINE ?”, you come across so many pages which provide an amalgamation of various techniques and strategies  for earning passive income online.  From there on, you begin surfing through and scanning the provided links available to you through Google search Engine. Going through the links, one after another seem to grasp some of the content, but you may find many terms and techniques completely incomprehensible and the anguish at that time is real.
Pages after pages, the whole information gets perplexed and leaves you in bewilderment that leads you the thoughts of giving up or withdrawal. Yes, this has happened to so many individuals including me when I first started searching about blog monetizing and freelancing techniques. True to the fact, that no learning takes place without making errors and I also had to go through the gradual process of learning.

Exposing myself to more information related and guidance oriented content became a reliable source for me. Everything had to be taken step by step in the sequence of importance and logic and I could see the improvement taking place.  Time flies, and I learned by trial and error. Having gone through the exhausting and confusing experience, I decided to write a step by step easy procedure to follow so that you don’t have to wander. A complete guide that guides completely and gives a bird’s eye view to the reader or the learner which is effective and result oriented.

What skill do you have and how can you use it?

The first basic question that you need to ask yourself is “Do you possess a skill?’. Skills like the following:

  1. Writing
  2. Web Content Writing
  3. Article Writing
  4. Product Description
  5. Copywriting
  6. Ghost writing
  7. Travel Writing
  8. Academic Writing
  9. Editing
  10. Proofreading

No? Okay let’s take about other skills

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Web designing and development
  3. Logo design
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Video creation
  6. Audio Voice over skills
  7. Blogging

No again? Does that ends up everything? So you can’t be among those lucky ones to sit at home and earn online? Or relax in a café with a cup of coffee and a laptop negotiating with your clients about the payments for the service that you will provide? ….
Don’t worry it is still possible!

How to earn more than $1000 

What to do if you don’t have any of these skills ?

How about learning a skill and then resorting to online business?  Why not polish your skills? Why not make them more refined in a way to be more effective and result grabbing? In order to be sure of success, you need to rise just above just the average and give quality an edge over anything else.

how to earn money from day 1

Presenting quality content might be challenging but not something achievable. Therefore, for the learners, the news here is that there are various platforms where you can learn the skills or improve the ones that you already possess. These platforms engage you in skill improving measures for fetching desired outcomes and give you an edge over other online workers. Apart from just learning a new skill, and adding up to the list of the skills you already possess, these platforms provide an even brighter chance of polishing the ones that you already have. If you are a motivated and a devoted learner, the additional things you would require are COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY and CONCENTRATION. The guide so to begin with and in order to follow proper guiding steps, use the following links regularly for your required specific skill.

  1. Udemy (For all subjects both academic and non-academic courses )
  2. Youtube (For all Subjects)
  3. Coursera (For Academic courses, includes certificates as well)
  4. SkillFeed (Academic and Non Academic)
  5. Lynda (Paid but has very detailed courses)
  6. Udacity (Just like udemy )
  7. Eliademy (Just like udemy)
  8. Khan Academy (Academic Courses)
  9. MIT (Academic Courses)
  10. Daily Motion (Not high quality but somehow a good alternative )

So when you are done learning a skill, what then?

Okay, so you are committed, consistent and it took you a month or two to learn your specific skill. After putting the best of your efforts you were capable of polishing your skills. Now you are in the perfect situation to enter the field and you are pretty sure of your skills and abilities. Tada! You did it. You are in the perfect position to display your skills in the online market and let the world discover the true skills in you.

Now the potential question that arises is “So who needs your this skill?” Obviously those who have no idea about the skill you have learned and they need your services. This world works on the principle of give and take. You can easily trade your skills now by facilitating the client and customer’s needs. At this point you need to go to a studio and find a pretty picture of yours to setup your profile on the following platforms to provide your services:

  1. Elance
  2. Odesk
  3. desk3
  4. Guru
  5. Freelancer
  6. People Per Hour
  7. Presto Expert
  8. Fiverr

There are so many platforms out there to be explored but the challenge that faces a lot of people is as how to identify the real and authentic ones. You need be sure of the reliability of the websites up in front of you. This is a dilemmatic situation. But then what’s the solution? The solution lies in word Exploration! The more you explore the better you know about the online market open in front of you.

Keep searching through and for your assistance, some of the links have already been provided to you in this guidance book. Once you have found a trustworthy and a reliable website you can begin the hunt for work. And no need to be skeptical; there are millions of clients out there looking out there for you and your services. Once the client hires you, and you are with the required work the phase of payment comes. The payment process or the span takes usually 5 days or a week. The reason or proper justification for certain delay is that the client requires proper identification of yours to be sure of your credibility.

related posts of freelancing The platforms or the websites available at your disposal are there to provide you with working opportunities. These platforms are like intermediaries which enables the clients and freelancers to interact and work altogether. They facilitate blogger- client interaction having special features to promote greater feasibility between both the parties involved. It takes into consideration various aspects of difficulty and feasibility and certain complexities working online. The mere reality of both the parties involved virtually makes the interaction unimaginable, but these websites and their peculiar features have made these type of interactions smooth and workable. The proof lies in the fact that not mere one or two, but there are many around the globe in online business.  Each of these platforms has its own special features. Some of them, for your convenience, have been listed as follows:

For example: People Per Hour does not accept your profile if you don’t fulfil all of its basic requirements. When you are done registering you have to complete your profile and submit it for a review. You will be asked to make corrections in case you miss anything. Without acceptance, you won’t be able to apply for any jobs and thus acceptance is mandatory. Elance  has a software called Elance  tracker which is used for hourly work. It takes a snapshot of your desktop, while you are working for your client. Every time you start your work you have to turn on the tracker because the snapshots are sent to the client’s elance inbox.

But there is one thing common in all of these platforms ” YOUR PROFILE”, which is one of the most prominent and unavoidable factor that you have to work over before you could apply anywhere. Your profile is a short summary of your work history or in other words can be referred to as your resume. Now what is the need of putting the profile?  Reason? Obviously, if I am paying someone to work, I want to know who is the person sitting in front of its desktop, laptop or tabs etc. I want to know that freelancer’s specific skills, qualification, previous experiences, sample and complete portfolio. So yes! PROFILE matters a lot. Here’s what you have to do when you register to the aforementioned websites.

  1. Make a GOOD PROFILE with a valid picture showing your complete face.
  2. Provide a sample if available. For example a logo design, a website layout, an article, mathematical solved questions
  3. Write details about your skills – Be specific like web content writing, ghost writing, travel writing, vintage logo design, word press we development etc
  4. Take on-site tests and show marks if they are good enough – It matters a lot believe me !
  5. Find jobs in accordance to the skills you have – DON’T WANDER ! Just do what you know or learned. Don’t waste your time in reading about other job descriptions.
  6. Write Your Proposal – Provide your qualification, expertise and describe the way you are able to help or assist the client in its task – Don’t write a single general proposal for all. Be client specific in your Proposals. (That’s the big secret )
  7. If replied, negotiate the payments and start working
  8. Check the payment setup of each platform and provide the details they require. Don’t worry they keep your privacy. Your bank account, debit card and credit cards are safe.
  9. The amount is paid directly in your bank account. YAHOOOO!!!!
  10. Ask the client to leave a REVIEW – A turning point for increasing your profile levels – Leave review for the client and ask the client to give you a review as well.

Practically using People per hour and Upwork

Thus, this is a brief account on how you can become a freelancer. Once you get into it, you will explore more techniques and options. It is always the initial stage which confuses you. So refine your direction, focus and concentrate on what you want to become – A freelancer or a blogger. The story of freelancing ends here. Yes that’s it! That’s what I believe.

Your skills would be refined if you continue to practice the same skill to build up your expertise in your domain of interest. More on that later….


The aforementioned paragraphs explain that there was 2 dimensions. You decide what you can do. If you are good at writing than you can blog very well. In one of my previous posts I provided details about how you can have a free blog to practice what you write without wasting a penny. But if you think you don’t have enough time or you are already too good at conveying your message. Then I would recommend you to buy a domain from go daddy or name or any other domain name websites with hosting services from ipage, blue host, host gator etc.

Free Blogging Platforms

You can have free blog on the following famous websites. There are many others but there are ones that I have personally used.

  1. Livejournal
  2. Blogger
  3. WordPress (My love)

Domain , Hosting and Writing about your Niche

Buying a domain or buying a .com, .net, .uk , .pk, biz etc for yourself gives you the freedom of now having any Yourname.WORDPRESS.COM  or Yourname. LIVEJOURNAL.com rather it brings you the joy of having YOURNAME.COM directly. And that too usually with a cost of $10/12 months. And when you are done buying one, now you need a space to place it on World Wide Web. So buy your hosting with usually costs between $6-$10 and the famous ones including host gator, blue host, ipage . You can google about the top hosting services and check the review if you are more concerned about it.

So what after all this ? You got the domain and the hosting – but before all that you need to decide WHAT YOU NEED TO WRITE ABOUT. And whatever you do write about. You always have to continue writing about it. Do not change your NICHE. like I just said DON’T WANDER. Narrow down your approach towards writing about that particular need. Provide analysis, example, details, your personal experience and everything else must associate to the niche you have selected.

Say for example you decide to write about travel – So anything that is related to travelling either in your personal , professional or social life – you must write. Provide guidelines, comparisons, deals and offers etc. Adding images is a must when it comes to travel writing. Hence, your approach should be one dimensional and focus on  TRAVEL WRITING.

How to earn from blogging

Its not like freelancing where you make your profile, start applying for jobs , negotiate and get paid for the services you provide. Growing your blog into something worth reading takes a lot of time and yet again CONSISTENCY. You have to carry on writing for 6 months , 1 year or even 2-3 years to stand out of the crowd and be known for what you do in your niche. The more unique content – the more visitors and thus, high traffic. Traffic for a blog means you are than able to earn from it. Following are the techniques which enables you to earn from your blog ( a blog which has enough traffic/sessions).

  1. Using Advertisements
  2. Using Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling your product
  4. E-books writing and selling
  5. Consultancy (Providing Information about what you know )
  6. Reviewing places, location, etc (for example: You review various hotels and provide their details for the general public to know whats the best place to go for. See My Tan Feet and their idea )

Discussing each of these techniques will take a few thousand more words. My main target was to give you a general idea about how things works. I will be discussing about these tips and tricks in my upcoming posts. Leave an email to receive free details and guidelines about earning online, traveling and blogging.

Download free slides I have made for a quick overview about how to earn online as a freelancer and a blogger.

 How to earn more than $1000