Since I have been going through a lot of courses of Udemy. And in fact enrolled in many high paid courses in the Udemy studio official facebook group  ,I have been able to understand the essentials of making a successful academic course which i, myself am worked over and have been quiet successful in it. i launched my first course of Microeconomics basics and got 1000+ I will be discussing all the step by step procedure that i applied while making this course. And i am sure it might help a lot of other Academicians as well.

Technical Requirement For a Good Course

  1. Good Microphone
  2. A compatible computer which is able to use Camtasia for editing your videos
  3. Adobe flash player.
  4. Updated version of your brower
  5. A broadband Connection.
  6. Misc (including a good mouse, additional Lcd monitor, speakers

how to make an academic course

The Importance of Microphone

Having a clear voice is probably one of the most crucial factor for an online course. And you must have a good Microphone for that. Alot of people use Blue Yeti microphone which i believe is fairly expensive for those who are starters. So buy it if you are willing to invest in your course. Else you can buy any other microphone which has at least a clear voice without any disturbance. Notice that some microphone are very sensitive and adds up the noise in the background. Be aware from such equipment that adds up all the noise because you might be having problem in the editng part.

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Additionally, you need to take care of the noise in the background. Even i had to be careful while recording because of being a mother, i had to record the audio in another room so that i don’t end up with his sweet sounds of “ba ba ba” or “da da da .” So you need to be cautious in the beginning as it might get difficult later on. Also, you might get fed up easily if you make all the audio and video and your editing part has a fault so you record again. You see you lose that motivation and inspiration of doing it all over again. Motivation is what make you do it in the best way ! So be committed, consisted and motivated towards what you do .

Use Of Camtasia Software for Editing your Audio and Video

Learning camtasia is a must when you are done with your video and audio recording. If you have learned it well and you can edit it by yourself than go for it. But know this that it takes alot of time to edit even a single video. So an alternative would be to outsource this work to somebody else. The general thing that you or any outsourced individual would do in camtasia is :

  1. Noise removal
  2. Gaps removal by cutting, deleting , cropping
  3. Repeated unnecessary line
  4. High, low or neutralize your voice variation.
  5. Add Call outs (This is really good to grab someone attention when you are using slides)
  6. Adding Animation and effects etc
  7. Zooming and Panning (Require particularly when you want to focus something closely )

It would be a bonus if you find someone who knows your course or field as well as the use of camtasia. With this specialty, your freelancer would probably know what to add, edit or cut. Try using websites like Elance, odesk and people per hour for outsourcing.

A Proper broad Band connection

Without a good speed ! You would really be fed up of waiting for long hours of uploading and downloading stuff. So a better system with updated version of your browser and good connection is a must for smoothing going preparation of your course. As it take a great amount of time to write the description and details regarding the course which include introduction, details, sections and lecture structure that you have to make in your course dashboard. This also includes your profile and social media link attachments. Hence one must be equipped with all these factors so that you go could go through the preparation without any petty issue.

In the last , a calm environment with a cup of coffee or tea would be a luxury to add because Peace of mind is a requirement for creative working. Up next ! Structuring your content writing for Udemy Course. Keep reading! 


Mj Arbab