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Writing a Freelance job proposal is an art in itself. It has its certain rules to be followed before you consider yourself to be the right person for the job particularly if you are dealing with a client for the first time. The proposal itself is an impression of your commitment and willingness towards the said task.

When you are done with your profile creation, portfolio and rest of the formalities and details regarding, begin with searching for the right job. Aha!!! there you go, the right job with your skillset keywords to be found in the description of the client.

But wait ! what are you going to write and how are you going to persuade someone who knows nothing about you? (neither is he/she interested to know). All you should know is that they are concerned about the work that needs to be done. And you have to use such convincing words that enable them to choose you as the RIGHT person.

It’s been years that I have been writing proposals for various clients and I have always been replied even if I am not awarded the job. In fact sometimes the clients read them so late that I don’t even remember what was the job that I applied for. But they do read you (at least I read all the proposals sent to me). That’s probably because when the client checks your unique proposal, they find something more persuasive and convincing in your proposal than that of others.

Read this if you have no idea what freelancing is all about 

I have been using some specific steps in every proposal of mine and believe me, it works. So there are some very basic techniques that you need to remember before writing a proposal for any of your job as a freelancer. These techniques can be used on any platform. Either you end up working full-time on Upwork, People per hour or Fiverr, you need this outline that I am going to discuss below with a step by step procedure. Negotiation and communication skills matter a lot. And the way you interact leads you to the decision of being the winner or the

In freelancing, apart from your own skillset, negotiation and communication skills matter a lot. And the way you interact leads you to the decision of being the winner or the loser! (well not loser though). So check the following tips that I have been applying in my own personal proposals.

Don’t be Informal (Clients are not your friends)

The very first suggestion I would ever really give to any freelancer is, not to be too Informal with your clients. Especially when you are negotiating for the first time. You need to understand no matter how good the client could be, remember the ethical approach that you have to follow. So write to the point and be formal in your writing structure. You are not friends and you need to remember the client is paying you to get what it requires. Although the questions you ask can be informal I would personally prefer them to be a neutral tone.

The case can be opposite if you are having a long-term relationship and with the passage of time, you would be comfortable enough to type in informal communication with them.

The more professional your approach towards your conversation – the better response from the client.

how to write a proposal for freelancing

Start with your abilities

When you begin to write a proposal – initiate with your capabilities. That’s the first thing every client wants to know. This may include your qualifications, expertise etc. In case if your list of achievements is too long, summarize them and talk about only those that are required or written in the description of the Job. Also, if you think you have done something similar to what the client asks for – You should mention that as well. This makes the client read your proposal till the end because you have picked those important keywords that he/she wanted. particularly if the job is featured and you have to write a long proposal – the first few lines

In case if the job is a featured job (clients pays for posting the job on a third-party platform) you have to write a long proposal – the first few lines matter a lot. Check out the first two lines for one of the awarded jobs.

people per hour proposal sample

Don’t forget to explain clients requirements

When you are done with explaining who you are, what you have done and what can you do to help, then comes the part where you have to describe the elements that the client requires. In the attached sample you can see that I have talked about the client’s requirement in the second line. As I mentioned earlier that every client is more concerned about what you can do for them instead of knowing a list of your achievements. It’s mostly the work that matters.


Never hesitate to ask

Sometimes, you can do something that the client requires but there is this feeling of being incompetent for the said task. In such cases –  you need to mention the level of your knowledge to the client. Read the proposal 2-3 times to make sure you are talking about the right element. Also, never hesitate to ask anything especially if the client has been general in his task. I have heard a lot of cases from my friend who claimed that their clients did not want to pay them when they sent the document after the completion of the job. That is true if the clients expect more than what you provide.

So ask valid and relevant questions to be more clear about the services that you have to provide.

I usually ask questions in almost every proposal that I send. Have you look at this one related to Business communication article. I must mention that I have had the chance to be awarded twice for her jobs.

people per hour sample proposal 2


Add the Reasons for being the “MR. RIGHT”

There is one quick secret I would like to mention when you are writing your proposal. You must have the ability to convince the client with reasons. Reasons for being the “Mr or Miss. Right ” for that particular job. And for that you need to


If you look at the above sample, I have clearly written that the reason I am applying for this job is that I already have taught the subject TWICE and that I have an EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE  in it. So with these reasons, I believe I can opt out of the rest of the proposals being sent.

Additionally, the best suggestion I could give to all the freelancers is that always pick a job that you really can work over! Never ever try to convince from anything that you know will not be of high quality and would rather take extensive time. You never know what you might be missing with the amount of extensive time you are spending on a single job. don’tont forget the oppurtunity cost of such jobs.

Ending with a polite and hopeful statement

Always end up with polite and hopeful words when you are done with rest of the requirements. Statements like ” I would be glad to assist you in the said task ” or ” Thank You for the invitation of the proposal “ (You usually get invited by the clients to send a proposal if they find your skills relevant to their jobs. This brings a sense of completeness in your whole proposal.  Besides, courtesy is recommended  🙂

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