I dont want to start with an exaggeration about the Port grand Turkish festival held on 19,20 and 21st Feb . All I know is that I enjoyed hanging around with family accepting the fact that the organizers were trying their best to put it up nicely but somehow there were several factors that accounts for the negative reviews being received in its Facebook page. The festival had to be little more TURKISH in its outlook than just having Turkish singers and musicians. It was rather the role of these singers that made the festival satisfactory enough. I appreciate the efforts of the organizers in this regard.  Also, Instead of making the whole group of Sultan Suleiman roam around in the festival- they should have dispersed all those characters and had them asked to wander throughout the time of the festival and greet the people. Additionally, some more participants should have wore Turkish cultural dresses to make the place look more TURKISH than Pakistani.

Apart from everything else, it was a good effort. I would love to know your views about the festival….