“We don’t have time to read. We have enough course work to study per semester.” A response from one of my students back when I was teaching. I use to ask this question from every class on my first lecture. And to be honest, I was always disappointed from the response”

You need to read if you want to prove yourself credible enough to your audience when you talk about any topic. You need to learn to provide references of the authors you follow and to criticize or logically approve of their statements either generally or particularly . This exact approach must also be implemented in the blogging arena. To learn what Pro-Blogging really is , you must consistently follow other successful bloggers, read their blog posts and understand the connection of the resources they use to make their blog look so perfect. Because Blogging is not just about writing unique content and sharing it in social platform. This is 2016 ! and there are various factors involved in making a blog stand out among others.

How to search a blog of your Keyword ?

At first, decide your topic. Lets say you want to know “How to Blog?” and you have no idea about anything related to blogging. You would probably search google and find a long list of bloggers, wander around different niches and end up knowing nothing. To be specific about what you require and reach to the exact point of solving your query, google it this way “RELATED: MY KEYWORD” . In this case its “RELATED:Howtoblog”. You can also add up a website if you want to find similar or competitor websites. (For example related:wpbeginner.com )

how to search for competitor website in google

How to search a related blog or competitor

By using this method of “search” you will only find the exact type of bloggers who guides about blogging tips and tricks, techniques and anything that tells you about how to blog . You have to check the first 2 pages of google or at max 3 pages. Websites on the first page of google usually has more value and meaning compared to the rest. There website or blog is on the top because of the extensive and unique quality content, proper images and presentation coupled with sound knowledge of social media marketing and search engine optimization that has made it stand out among others. Hence, such bloggers must have gone through an enduring journey before they could have reached to this 1st page of google.

This tip is more feasible for a quick check of finding websites that are similar to the website or keyword you require. There are many other tools as well but this is one is really easy and quick to go for.

What you need to check in a Blog ?

  1. Begin with reading the “ABOUT” page of the blogger. This is what I always do whenever I find a new blog. The about page will give you a gist of WHAT, WHO WHY and WHERE.
    1. What their blog is about ?
    2. Who must include the details of the blog owner, founder and other members.
    3. Why would include the basic purpose of their blog – Is it personal, business or niche defined ?
    4. Where includes the links that would lead to their top posts, products or something that make their blog worth reading.

Read the latest posts of the blogger or try using the search bar to find the exact keyword whose content you require. You don’t have to read everything rather a skim and scan strategy would let you know if this is what you want to read now and for the coming days – This is the point where you need to decide either you want to get into their subscribers list or not. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment to let the blogger know you have read him/her. (I love reading her’s usually).

The concept of subscribing to a Blog

You subscribe to a blog because you want to read them again. The main concept of subscribing to a blog is to be a regular receiver of what they provide in future. The e-books, e-courses, free giveaways, latest posts are some of the elements that you expect in return to the email you provide. Thus, when you subscribe to a blog – Don’t Ignore ! I repeat don’t ignore the emails you receive because many bloggers send a meaningful content to their subscribers. The least you could is to check what the content is about instead of ignoring the complete email. It’s not necessary to read every email they send. You can skim and scan through to know if its worth reading. And you can unsubscribe very easily in case if you think its not not what you were expecting.

Following the right way:

  1. Subscribing to a blog is the first step of an indirect interaction with the blogger. You have to read other bloggers and learn to follow instead of cheating on their content or products. Learn to appreciate the struggle they went through before they could use the word of “Top” or “Successful” blogger in their websites. Surely, you will learn from them (at least I did). And if you really do find something worth praising , it might be unfair if you don’t leave a comment below their blog posts. A sound comments would let them know they are being read and applaud for painstaking hours of writing a comprehensive blog post.

The fact that at all of this procedure would go useless if you are not “READING”. The essence of blogging includes the love for reading coupled with the habit of appreciating what others write in the same arena. Hence, fall in for words and enjoy the flow as you wander among different blog posts….

In case if you think you are ready to go with a blog of your own. I have made a complete Step by step guide for newbie bloggers to follow and come up with your their own self-hosted (.com, .net, .pk etc) blog.