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If you are interested in working online or thinking about starting your own blog – You are just at the right spot. Why? because I have been doing this for 7 years and I assure you that you can successfully earn a passive income from your blog if you are equipped with all the techniques and tips required for blogging. And this is what I would be glad to do for you…

I have learned through trial and error and Oh boy! I don’t want to tell you how miserable I felt when I was lost in countless blog posts of Blogging techniques, Affiliate marketing, online course creation strategies coupled with Email and social media marketing.

At one point in time, I was reading about how to write a kick-ass blog post and on the other hand, I was trying to understand the importance of copyrighting for email marketing. Wait!  I was mixing up the beginner topics with the intermediate and advanced methods. Consequently ! I was exhausted.

I don’t want you to go through those long nights of frustration that I went through when I had no idea what I was doing and where would it lead me to. Sometimes I kept on reading for hours and I still had no clue about what was I up to. Other times I ended up so focused on a particular strategy that I didn’t even realize I was continuously working for 6 hours straight. Yet I always felt like being in the middle of nowhere and I am dead sure you must be feeling the same if you have any such plans of starting your own blog.

This blog will tell you all what I have done , still do and would be doing for the rest of my life. 

And I wont just randomly be writing about this business just like I came across so many blogs that were not aligned to the level of difficulty in writing about a certain topic. Perhaps because many of them were more concerned about using keywords and other strategies that brought them more traffic.

I cant blame them either, everyone wants their blog to be recognized, known and get their post on the first page of google but this really shouldn’t be the sole focus of a blogger. No doubt blogging in itself has become a good business and it ultimately makes you reach to a point where you earn a good amount of income but I personally think a blogger has many more responsibilities than that, especially when this has become a trending business.

You share stuff and talk about the things you know because it will help others, just the way it helped you. You cant just put up some write ups and consider it an achievement if its giving you $$$ only.

Your mission must include that sigh of relief a reader will have after reading your blog post because it made them really understand what they were searching for.

Your checklists, Outlines, E-books and courses must all be aligned to the needs of the customer instead of being the need to be on Google’s first page. Thus, every post of mine will have an organized and systematic strategy that will follow a certain rule. And those are :

  1. All my posts are my own personal experiences – case studies – consequences and results of applying them. You wont find any “Talk only- Apply later post” .
  2. Each topic will be discussed from its very basics.
  3. Each following post will  include links to the previous introductory posts of that topic so that the reader understands “What had happened (the old post) before “this” (the new post) happened.
  4. Many posts of mine will have step-by-step methodology for example :
    1. What is Freelancing? The step-by-step guide
    2. Freelancing with people per hour –Part 1 – The registration
    3. Freelancing with people per hour- Part 2 – The dashboard ….
  5.  The only random category you will find on my blog is ME – My life and whatever I think I must share. This includes a lot of sub-categories because we are humans and the said species doesn’t stick around to one thing (lol). From what I love to cook, to the places I have traveled or to the feeling I have had for my son and particular lifestyle of a South Asian Women… All will be included in the category of Marjan’s Life.
  6. I will also provide E-books and Video courses that will be distributed to only those who have subscribed to my blog. Again why? Well! There is a valid and logical reason behind this. It takes ample amount of time and effort to write an e-book or making online courses and I only want serious people to receive them. Which is why such courses and content will only be shared to my readers through their e-mails instead of distributing it openly in my blog. When you subscribe to my blog you will receive an email which will include particular links to these courses and e-books that only you can download. These products are sent directly to your email because they are meant to be shared with you and with only those who have subscribed to my blog. Thus, my subscribers deserves to have that special content.
  7. So if you think I am worth the person whose blog posts or e-books must be read and courses be taken than you need to be apart of my subscribers and I will share them all with you . I am already working over my e-book and course about Introducing freelancing and practically showing the optimum usage of the platform of People per hour coupled with my personal strategies and sample proposals of the jobs that i have won and that made me reach to CERT 5 (Soon to be top inshAllah). You can check out the PDF Outline I have shared which includes all the title and sub-titles that I will be discussing step-by-step in both my e-book and online course. Hence, you are welcome to have all of this personally in your email if only you are ready to be a consistent problogger and an expert freelancer.