I have been having a few comments from my readers who came across my blog through my facebook page. I am obliged to know that I am an inspiration for them. It feels good to receive comments from readers about whatever you write, no matter how silly it is. I have always tried to be very honest and real in my approach which is also one of the reasons that I have received positive comments from my readers.

My sudden disappearance from blogging is not because I am among those wanna be zealot bloggers that tend to be the center of attraction in the initial stage but end up being nowhere when its comes to maintaining the whole setup. I am alhamdulillah among those individuals who are adept at this skill and someone who has the ability to come up with innovative ideas. Blogging is love for me and I don’t think I will ever stop doing it yet I have my own valid reasons of halting the complete plan of making Flavors in life a professional blog. I knew that I can blog today , tomorrow or in the coming days but I also couldn’t deny the fact that I have to prioritize my goals before its too late. The main reason of not publishing any posts is my complete concentration and focus over certain tests and jobs that requires a commitment towards its preparation. Thus, I am solely occupied with books of English, math coupled with several other subjects that I have never read before. Studying such material will not only enable me to be a wise person but also a better writer/Blogger.

You might come up with the question of “Why I want to clear a test, study other subjects or improve my writing skills when I am already good at this stuff ? “. I would like to mention that there are several factors behind my decision. concise history of pakistan by m.r kazmi

  1. I personally read a lot of blog where almost 80% believed that if you have the capability of improving your knowledge , extensive studying or going for a professional job – You must not deny such opportunities just because you are going good with your online business. There is always space for learning.
  2. I also realized that my blogging skill can be utilized even after a decade. but I wont able to get into a professional market at later ages. Thus, age doesn’t matter for bloggers but it does in a professional job market. Blogging can always be a side business if its not a professional one. Its not something you have to do everyday and all the time. Its more like something that goes along with your life.

I am not trying to prove that a pro job is better than online business or blogging. What I am trying to comprehend is that I have ample amount of opportunities that I can avail and this requires more concentration towards their preparation. Hence, I have replaced my time for blogging to my time for extensive studying of various subjects and test preps. I would also mention my strategies of preparation if I am lucky enough to clear them.

I don’t know where were I lead in this Journey but I do one thing for sure, I will never stop Blogging.