When I came across Elance back in 2010, there were very few options of working online and earning a decent amount. And every time I tried to talk to other people about it thinking I might get to know more – I felt more like it was me who knew more than them. No body was interested in working online. In fact majority of them thought it was completely fraud even when I was willing to show my payments to them. Now, everyone knows and a lot of people talks about how the internet has made their lives so comfortable. Yet I still see many individuals  wandering around the internet to know the right options of what they have to do and where do they need to go to provide their services.

So I have come up with this list of legitimate ways to earn online that provides guaranteed payments. I am categorizing them in accordance to the expertise of each individual. Check out list and let me know if you are working in some other platform that other do not know.

Tools for promoting your own Product

There are a lot of ways to promote your own product. And by product I don’t just mean a physical product but E-products sold online. From your e-books, e-courses to online materials and documents. If you really know something that others don’t and you want to value to your product by selling it. Check out the following platforms to do that.

Scribd (Worldwide)

Documents and your own books can be sold here at a price you decide. This also depends how popular you are. But you must be the sole owner or publisher else you will have copyright issues. Some famous writer usually sell their books here to be read online.

Gumroad: (Worldwide)

If you have written an Ebook and you want to sell it directly to your reader than Gumroad is one of the best options for you . Also, not only are you able to sell your product directly to your customers but also you can give them a link of your product to be sold by their affiliates. When your product is sold by an affiliate. You have to pay commission to that affiliate who gave you a sale. And Gumroad let alone does all this process.

I have personally used Gumroad  and have received free aswell as paid ebooks of other authors including Nathan from ConvertKit after taking his combine webinar of Mariach Coz of Femtrepreneur. It was a worth praising webinar I must say which included free giveaways to Nathan’s e-books and Mariah’s online course of Convertkit. So Gumroad is used by most of the probloggers because of its authenticity and simplicity.

Teachable (Worldwide)

This is one of the new platforms that I have currently been working over. Teachable enables you have your own online school where individuals can directly enroll in your course. You just have to give the domain link to your students.  This also allows you associate your existing domain name with it. So for example if you have a website which is www.xyz.com than the link to your courses can be www.courses.xyz.xom which is truly amazing to have. Its give you this ownership feeling which you don’t feel when you are using other platform.  Payment is through paypal and teachable can be used worldwide.

  • Link to your own online school
  • Students can directly go to your link
  • You can associate your domain name with teachable link (www.teachable.mywebsite.com)
  • Membership and pricing plans available for more options
  • Per transaction fees are also there depending on your membership plan
  • Payment Method : Paypal only

Udemy  (Used Worldwide)

Udemy has been my first love when I started making online courses. I learned soo much about making online courses just because i wanted to know how good can i work at Udemy. People like Abdul Wali have earned millions from Udemy and its seriously so easy to use. People do have issue with its high commission rates especially if udemy is marketing your courses on its own than its keeps  50% of the revenue. Yet , I still consider it a good sources for online teachers, tutors and tech learner to start making your first course here in case if you have any subscribers or audience of your own.

  • Used Worldwide
  • Payment method : Paypal Only
  • Online courses platform – teach any course
  • Course will be reviewed and than published
  • Udemy take 25% if you market your own course and 50% if they market your course
  • You can either keep the course free or keep a price between $10-$50

Check out my urdu course of people per hour that I made on Udemy. Its already has 40 reviews.

Freelancing Platforms.

Freelancer (Worldwide)

This is one of the oldest platforms as far as I know during the time I working over Elance (Now upwork). Freelancer has all type of jobs that are thousands in number. This platform like many other freelancing websites has bidding system where a clients puts up a job and a freelancer has to write a short proposal to prove he/she is the best fit for that particular job. You can have a look at my How to write a killer proposal post to understand how to write such proposals that can make you win job easily in such platforms.

  • Used in all countries
  • Payment methods
    1. Skrill
    2. Paypal
    3. Direct bank Transfer
  • Bidding system
  • The more jobs you gets award with more feedbacks – your level improves and you are considered more credible.

Fiverr (Worldwide)

One of the most promising platform being used in my country these days. Some people are earning really good amount of income from this website. You can ask for anything with just $5 and believe me it really cheap. From blog posts to video creation and what not! all that in just $5. The rates will go up if you are asking for extra services and that’s where the freelancer earns. There are many strategies of being successful at Fiverr. I have planned to interview some Fiverr only freelancers to know what they are doing to boost their sales.

  • Gig setup (You make a gig of your service which has image and description of what you can provide)
  • Payment system : Paypal only
  • You can ask for anything at $5 in this website.
  • After providing few service you go to the next level where you are able to charge more by extra gigs and your credibility also increases with the increase in reviews from the clients you have worked with.

top 20 money making website with guaranteed payments

People per hour (Worldwide)

People per hour is currently my top favorite freelancing website that has made me reach to CERT 5 level at the moment. The projects are not easy to capture but when you do – than a decent amount is paid for your services. Its not cheap and you will be paid for your quality work. You will not be able to send your proposal if your bid is too low in case if you are trying to play that price war strategy to capture the client. You simply have to be honest at what you can do and how much do you deserve for that. And believe me ! that works very well for me.

  • Payment method :
    1. Skrill
    2. Bank Transfer
    3. Paypal
  • Bidding system
  • Pays a decent amount
  • Less academic assignment and more Web-development jobs
  • Easy to use platform
  • 10% transaction fees
  • Trusted clients – 80% clients pays for what you do.

Upwork (worldwide)

Elance that turned up Upwork is basically an amalgamation of Elance + Odesk. You will tons of jobs here just like in Freelancer. You can also find cheap price freelancers but I cant guarantee the quality of work since low paid freelancer usually doesn’t show up with good quality content. You will get more if you pay more. The bidding system makes it as competitive as other freelancing platforms but its worth a try due to its credibility.

  • More writing and academic tasks than web development
  • You can find more academic stuff aswell
  • Payment method
    1. Paypal
    2. Direct transfer
    3. Skrill
  • Tracker system for hourly rates which is one of the best features. Your time will be tracked whenever you start to work and you will be paid in accordance to the hours of work you have completed.

Guru (Worldwide)

Safe payment setup and worth trying out because it has a lot of jobs with almost all types of categories to work over.

  1. Payment methods: Skrill – bank transfer – Paypal
  2. All types of categories
  3. Most of the job are remote
  4. Both cheap price as well as high paying jobs are available.

ifreelance (Worldwide)

  1. Not for free
  2. Membership only

This website is just like any other freelancing website but its requirements include a monthly membership. You cant join in as a freelancer if you are not a member.

Speedlancer (Worldwide)

  1. Work Available in the following categories
    • Data Entry
    • Research
    • Writing
    • Design

Another freelancing option which includes the above categories. This does not only adds up remote tasks but also location oriented projects around the world.

Graphic Designers

These are one of the top graphic designing freelance website where designers can pull out their creativity and flourish them with color. In my wildest dreams I always wanted to be one crazy graphic designer.

99Designs (Worldwide)

No matter who I ask – this is probably one famous and renowned graphic designing website that almost every designer knows. Its because of the quality of work provided here. This also means you will find a lot of competition and you have to set your standard to get paid.

Smashing Jobs (Remote and Full time both)

Smashing Jobs has both remote and full time jobs. Don’t think about such a website if you are a beginner. Smashing jobs has been made by smashing magazine which usually requires full time or part time freelance workers for their different projects that are usually web design and web development related.

Behance (Worldwide)

I came to know about Behance when I started my MEET THE FREELANCER interview session where I asked cert 5 level freelance expert opinion and their experience as a freelancer. When I checked out the portfolio , I realized this is also one rapidly progressing website that designers need to go for.

Krop (Worldwide)

Krop is yet another authentic high profile job board which require higher level designer to provide their portfolios and get paid a decent amount of income for the quality content you provide. This includes full time and part time designers, suite yourself!


Remote.co is one of the new website that provide remote full time jobs to online expert designer that include high level companies. You see the feeling of working with a high ranked company while you are at home , overwhelms you . This webiste does not only provide developer jobs but also sales job, recruiter job and customer service jobs aswell.

More authentic Jobs

Flex Jobs

I consider Flex jobs one of the most reliable source of receiving authentic and credible long term, part-time as well as remote Job available. Thousand of people use this website and have gained so much from it. Note that this is not a free website and that you need to pay for monthly membership if you are interested to join. I seriously think there is no harm in paying for such a website which provides uncountable resources to work around the globe while being at home !

In case if you want to know more than check out FLEX JOBS 125 Virtual companies that embrace remote working .

Problogger job Board

You must be familiar with the Gurus of blogging and pro-blogger website owner Darren Rowse is one of them. His article and blog post are not only informative and to the point but also he has a page which includes jobs of all categories and a lot of people usually visit this page to check out remote jobs available. Most of them are related to blog writing and designing.

Earning money through Paid Surveys

Survey are the most easiest ways to earn money online. You have to fill surveys which will earn you point. Each website has its own level of points and threshold that you have to fulfill to receive your minimum payment. Many of these websites are UK, US and Canada Based and very few of them are worldwide. Nevertheless, they are legitimate and they do pay you per survey. Just google through paid surveys website and check out if its works in your country.

In case if it doesn’t work in your country – the only possible way is to have a US Bank account – Address and Phone Number which probably means that its possible for those who are living there. Check out this blogger images and the amount she has earned from these surveys.

I would love know the website that you are working in. Add them in the comment below to let people know where are you working